Wholesome Direct June 2022: Everything announced for Nintendo Switch

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It’s that time of year again when we get to see several indie games shown in the spotlight, getting the attention they deserve. This year’s June Wholesome Direct, which kicked off at 9:30 am PT / 12:30 pm ET on June 11, is hosted by Josh Boykin, Jenny Windom, and Mary Kish. Here are all of the cosy games shown that are coming to Nintendo Switch.

How to watch Wholesome Direct June 2022

It’s no secret that some of the best nintendo switch games are indie hits, so we’re excited for these upcoming games. Of course, we’ll have to make some room on our microSD cards for all these awesome titles.


Solve puzzles and listen to calming music in this stress-free adventure. It’s unclear if this one is actually coming to Switch, but we figured we’d include it just in case.


Play as a bear who’s out to save the homes of his forest friends from the destructive forces of constructors.

The Garden Path

Enjoy a calming location with a garden that grows can changes as time goes on.

Mika and the Witch’s Mountain

Mika is a witch’s apprentice who must help the local townspeople in order to complete her training. Learn about the lives of those she meets.

Mail Time

Travel around a calm forest as the new mailman and get to know the other creatures that live here.

Usagi Shima

Collect bunnies in this calming cosy game.

A Walk with Yiayia

This black and white title is part visual novel, part adventure game. It centers on taking your grandma out for a walk after she’s experienced a scary event.

Chicken Journey

This silly little game centers around answering the question, which came first? The chicken or the egg?

Puff Pals Island Skies

It’s not guaranteed to come to Switch, but it might if the Kickstarter for the game goes well.

Calico Pawesome Edition


Source: White Thorn Games

Adds a new and improved cooking minigame along with new farm animals to collect. Coming this summer.

Paper Animal RPG

This is a RPG roguelike that has players exploring a changing world to beat enemies and meet cute animal characters. Plus, you can hatch your own dinosaurs. The Kickstarter launches this summer. (It’s unclear if this one will come to Switch).

Coffee Talk Episode 2: Hibiscus & Butterfly

This game centers around serving drinks to patrons and learning about them. Episode 2 will have new drinks, characters, and features for players to explore. It’s coming sometime in 2023.


Solve puzzles and explore ruins in order to save your parents while working alongside your best friend, who happens to be a frog.

Princess Farmer update

Animal pals have all gone off to an island for vacation. The first episode in a three part story, The Guardian’s Beach Break Part 1: Swimsuits and Shells and a Tourmanment, Oh My! launches for free this summer.


The popular silly creature collecting game is leaving early acces with the 1.0 launch this summer.

Bubblegum Galaxy

Solve puzzles to build planets and explore. The game is announced for PC and consoles, but didn’t specifically clarify if it would be coming to Nintendo Switch. We’re including it just to be safe.

Here Comes Niko! update

An upcoming update will allow players to explore Gary’s Garden in this platformer.

Skatebird gets Among Us update

This adorable bird skating game is getting a free update that brings Among Us crewmate to the party. Choose their coloring and their hats.

Frog’s Tale

This adorable adventure game has players taking on the role of a frog who must solve challenges while sticking to the beat of the music. The developers want to bring it to Switch and might be able to do so if the game receives enough support on Kickstarter.

Freshly Frosted

Solve puzzles in “the world’s most adorable donut factory.” There are a dozen donut boxes, or levels for you to play through.

Wholesome Out & About

A cottagecore life sim that includes cooking, crafting, and real-life plant identification.

Paradise Marsh

Explore an endless wetland while catching bugs and restoring stars. It’s launching soon.

Lil Gator Game

Discover a small island by climbing, swimming, and gliding while playing as a little alligator.

We Are OFK

A story about a group of young people as they work to release their music, but life gets in the way. It’s coming to Nintendo Switch sometime in Q3 2022.

Potion Permit

Diagnose symptoms, gather ingredients, and brew potions in this game.

Kitori Academy

This life simulator has you take on the role of a wizard’s apprentice as you learn to hone your magical skills. It releases sometime in 2023.

The Spirit and the Mouse

Is an adventure game that follows, you guessed it, a spirit and mouse who need to work together to solve puzzles and advance through the story. The demo is available right now.


This farming life sim and adventure game that has you playing as a cat who must tend to his little farm and the animals that live there. It releases sometime in 2022.

A Little to the Left

This puzzle game has you sorting, stacking, and organizing items. But watch out for that cat who will try to mess up your work. It’s slated to come out in Q4 2022.

Kokopa’s Atlas

This is a procedurally generated game that allows you to explore, farm, and craft.

Lonesome Village

Solve puzzles and interact with other animal players while playing as Wes the Coyote. A calamity befell the village in this fantasy game and it’s up to you to figure out what happened. It’s slated to come out sometime this year.


A rhythm gaming about exploring dreams with over 20 minigames.

Additional game announcements

These game were shown in rapid succession. Anything with an asterisk

  • is something that developers have stated that they hope to bring to Switch.
  • Olliefrog Toad Skater*
  • Petit Island
  • Hello Goodboy
  • Harmony’s Odyssey
  • Moonstone Island
  • Magica
  • Lemon Cake
  • San Zoolin
  • Townseek*
  • Skye Tales
  • Kulebra and the Souls of Limbo
  • The Courier

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