Could Xbox Game Pass really hit ‘100 million’ subscribers? Here are some thoughts.

Recently, a comment from famed Wedbush games analyst Michael Pachter has been making the rounds, in a wide-ranging interview on Microsoft’s gaming business. The interview focused on the Activision Blizzard acquisition, which is a megaton $68.7 billion deal that will see Microsoft vastly swell its monthly active user base, and muscle into the lucrative mobile … Read more

Xbox Game Pass ‘Family Plan’ FAQ: This is how much money you’ll save sharing

Xbox Game Pass for families is now official, confirming our report on the planned feature earlier in 2022. Plus, it’s a lot cheaper than you might have thought. We previously reported that Microsoft was moving ahead with plans to add a new tier to Xbox Game Pass for families, which similar to Office 365, would … Read more

Two Point Campus Xbox review: Does it pass or fail?

In 2018, Two Point Studios released their first game, Two Point Hospital, and introduced a new generation of players to the wacky and unconventional world of Two Point County. Now they’re inviting players to return to their claymation-inspired world to take over managerial duties for a variety of college campuses in Two Point Campus. Much … Read more

Xbox and PC recap: Avatar and KOTOR are delayed, Grounded gets a release date

Hey everyone, and welcome to another Xbox and PC recap. Things have slowed down significantly compared to the June deluge of news, which was to be expected. Still, there’s a few pieces of interesting news, including a couple of things I was disappointed to learn about. There are bright spots though, including a surprising TV … Read more

Nacon Revolution X Pro Xbox controller review: A mediocre competitive joypad

Nacon manufactures a range of console and PC gaming accessories, with the Revolution X Pro controller set to join the rest of its joypads. It’s designed for competitive play, with customizable components and an ergonomic design. Dolby Atmos enhances audio for connected headsets during tournament play, with 3D audio playback and equalizer settings, rounding off … Read more

This upcoming Xbox game lets you cannibalize your friends and wear their skin

Rimworld has already done the rounds on PC, spending a few years in early access before becoming notorious for its utterly no-holds-barred gritty colony simulation, which takes the gameplay loop of The Sims and smashes it face first into a Mad Maxian hellscape of complete and utter anarchy. Ahead of this preview session with the … Read more

WD_BLACK D30 1TB external Xbox SSD review: Second-rate speeds

Western Digital has manufactured high-quality memory and storage components for decades, offering permanent internal replacements and portable external drives. Some gamers might have issues with the 512GB drive inside an Xbox Series S quickly filling up with modern games since many are reaching hefty file sizes. The WD_BLACK D30 1TB external NVMe drive should be … Read more

As Dusk Falls for Xbox review: Two sides to every successful story

Choose-your-own-adventure games are a unique section of the video game world, often pulling heavily from other mediums like books and film in more overt ways than other game types. Telltale, Quantic Dream, and Supermassive Games are just a handful of the studios that have tackled these interactive adventures, telling tales across a range of genres. … Read more

When will Xbox charge $70 for games?

The great video game price debate is actively raging on social media. As an increasing number of publishers officially set the precedent of $70 (USD) current-gen releases, players question whether or not these price augments are warranted. Industry giants like PlayStation, EA, 2K, Activision, and recently Ubisoft have seemingly transitioned to elevated pricing for their … Read more