Upcoming MultiVersus characters: All confirmed, rumored, and wanted fighters

The launch of MultiVersus, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment’s foray into the mascot-driven platform fighter genre, has been massive. Thousands of players have eagerly entered the beta battlefield to duke it out as their favorite WB heroes and villains, from Wonder Woman to Arya Stark and even Shaggy from Scooby-Doo. The diversity of the character roster … Read more

This upcoming Xbox game lets you cannibalize your friends and wear their skin

Rimworld has already done the rounds on PC, spending a few years in early access before becoming notorious for its utterly no-holds-barred gritty colony simulation, which takes the gameplay loop of The Sims and smashes it face first into a Mad Maxian hellscape of complete and utter anarchy. Ahead of this preview session with the … Read more

7 best upcoming iOS games we’re excited for in 2022

Sometimes it’s tough being a mobile gamer. For one, iOS games are seen as a casual counterweight to what’s happening on consoles, despite major funding and lengthy development processes. It’s also tough to recommend someone whip our phone to play a video game instead of doom scrolling social media feeds. But the biggest boomer? Never … Read more