Hitting the Books: Why we need to treat the robots of tomorrow like tools

Do not be swayed by the dulcet dial-tones of tomorrow’s AIs and their siren songs of the singularity. No matter how closely artificial intelligences and androids may come to look and act like humans, they’ll never actually be humans, argue Paul Leonardi, Duca Family Professor of Technology Management at University of California Santa Barbara, and … Read more

Ultraleap hands consumers a touch-free world today—and a metaverse tomorrow

The year is 2050. You—and your 3D avatar—are spending lots of time in the metaverse. It’s an interesting place. Let’s explore. Boundaries between the digital and physical realms are porous in the metaverse. Here, users work, play and make friends at digital concerts and conferences or take virtual trips to far-flung lands. And here, virtual … Read more

5 keys to the frictionless store of tomorrow

The objective of frictionless shopping, frictionless checkout, and autonomous stores is to improve the customer experience and increase convenience. Any of us can put ourselves in the shoes of a shopper and think about how nice it would be to never have to wait in line to give someone our money. I get that. However, … Read more