Nintendo Switch Sports shows that innovation is necessary for sequels to thrive

Source: Nintendo Sequels are usually perceived in one of two ways. Either they greatly improve on those who came before them, making their predecessors obselete; or they’re the younger siblings of their more popular predecessors, who don’t quite capture the same magical feel. One thing is for sure — sequels cannot escape the pressures of … Read more

Nintendo Switch Sports locks tons of content behind an online subscription

Source: iMore Nintendo Switch Sports is here and, while it doesn’t revitalize the entire Sports series on Nintendo consoles, it does bring back the same feeling that its predecessors did. With the new game comes new content, including sports like volleyball and soccer. A huge addition is Sportsmates, a new sort of avatar, and the … Read more

Nintendo Switch Sports review: Fresh, yet familiar, and with a downside

Source: iMore Televisions, vases, windows, and other breakable living room objects, beware – Nintendo Switch Sports is here! All joking aside, the Wii Sports-inspired party game is out on Switch and, for me it was a surprisingly entertaining game. When I first heard it was coming, I was fairly uninterested. It seemed like the novelty … Read more