How to master the Apple TV Siri Remote scroll wheel

When Apple TV 4K launched last year, it had fans salivating. But not for the sharper picture or faster processor. It was the new Siri Remote that caught everyone’s eye. Had Cupertino finally made a TV remote control that didn’t suck? With its iPod-style scroll wheel, the second-generation Siri Remote promised to make scrolling through … Read more

How to use Maps with Siri

It’s a common occurrence that happens pretty much every day for us — we need directions to get somewhere, whether it’s a new restaurant or store or even just our way home from an unfamiliar area. Or perhaps it’s easier to take a walk or take public transit somewhere, but you’ll still need directions. Fortunately, … Read more

Sonos is Working on Its Own Version of Siri

Popular smart speaker manufacturer Sonos is planning to introduce a voice assistant service that will compete with Siri, Google Assistant, Alexa, and other voice-based personal assistants, reports The Verge. Sonos Voice will allow Sonos users to play and control playback on Sonos speakers. Sonos speakers already support Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, and Sonos Voice … Read more