The best free tools and services for college students

Whether or not you’re returning to in-person classes this fall, you’ll likely need a slew of services and software to get your classwork done, manage your time and relax after a long day of lectures. Don’t worry about adding to your ever-growing student debt in the process, though. There’s an increasing number of free services … Read more

Driving Continuous Transformation with Dynamics 365 Managed Services

Organizations that understand the importance of having an advanced ERP system in place are all praise for the Dynamics 365 platform they’ve successfully implemented. The ability of the system to bring different departments and systems together, enhance collaboration, boost enterprise visibility, and improve business decision-making is extremely appreciated. But over time, many organizations find that … Read more

It’s Time for a New Services Model for Dynamics 365 and the Power Platform

About seven years ago we pioneered the “Support by Blocks” model, and it has served our Forceworks clients and us well. But thanks to Microsoft, it is time for a whole new model for Dynamics 365 and Power Platform Support and Services. Let’s unpack this one. The Challenge Let’s be honest, no business application you … Read more

How to see everything you’ve watched on Netflix and other streaming services

Streaming is a curious beast. One minute you’ll be enjoying the ’80s vibe of Stranger Things and the next you’ll be struggling to pick something from that overwhelming catalog. Sometimes, though, you’ll stumble on something that you’d normally never choose — a Netflix suggestion from a friend or a recent addition that had escaped your … Read more

Answering Your Top Services Questions at Dell Technologies World

We already know that IT leaders tap into services for a strategic edge. And there are a lot of solutions to consider depending on your unique priorities and requirements. Our advanced technologies and highly trained experts deliver strategic guidance and proven practical skills to improve IT value and efficiency from a single PC across your … Read more

HPE GreenLake edge-to-cloud platform delivers greater choice and simplicity with unified experience, new cloud services, and expanded ecosystem partner

HPE announces 12 new cloud services to drive data first modernization, from edge-to-cloud HPE today unveiled 12 new cloud services in networking, data services, high performance computing and compute operations management.HPE GreenLake for Aruba networking As a leading provider and expert in delivering comprehensive edge connectivity networking solutions, HPE is building out its network as … Read more