How to grow a secure software culture from the inside out

By Eric Baize, vice president, product & application security at Dell Technologies The average software delivery project is a heavy lift. Getting code bases thousands or even millions of lines long into production can leave developers exhausted. Making that software secure is even more difficult, especially when many software engineers are not trained in security. … Read more

Every security camera with HomeKit Secure Video support 2022

Apple’s HomeKit puts all of your smart home accessories under one roof, keeping your home’s activities safe and secure. So if you want the same when it comes to HomeKit cameras, you need one that supports HomeKit Secure Video features. Whether it’s indoor, outdoor, or a video doorbell, HomeKit Secure Video gives you access to … Read more

Belkin’s Wemo Smart Video Doorbell With HomeKit Secure Video Now Available From Apple

Belkin’s Wemo brand debuted its $250 Smart Video Doorbell with HomeKit Secure Video support back at CES in January, and the doorbell is now available through Apple’s online and retail stores. The Wemo Smart Video Doorbell, which is also available directly from Belkin, is one of the few doorbells on the market so far to … Read more

Secure and Responsible Retirement of IT Equipment Made Easy

As your company refreshes information technology to stay competitive and keep productive employees, you’re likely asking yourself lots of critical questions about your aging IT equipment, like: At Dell Technologies, we understand your concerns. Disposing of IT equipment that’s reached its useful end of life can be challenging. In addition to wrestling with complex logistics … Read more