Becoming cyber resilient in a new threat landscape

By thought leadership, Dell Technologies Will quantum computing break cybersecurity? How much responsibility should individuals have for safeguarding their data? How can organizations foster a culture of security? In May, cybersecurity experts convened on a panel at Dell Technologies World to answer these questions and more. Participants included data scientist Chris Wylie, best known as … Read more

Driving Competitive Advantage with Resilient Infrastructure

The boundaries of IT are no longer constrained to a physical data center making cybersecurity and cyber resilience a constant challenge. Perimeters are distributed, virtual, spread across multiple clouds and transporting massive amounts of data. The sheer amount of data alone presents a growing challenge. Organizations are now managing 10x the data they were just … Read more

Microsoft fuels digital transformation of supply chains for a resilient and sustainable future

We are excited to share two new investments in Microsoft Dynamics 365 supply chain portfolio that we are launching in preview. We had announced a partnership between FedEx and Microsoft, in January of 2022, to launch a cross-platform, logistics-as-a-service solution for brands. This partnership is now in preview. As e-commerce is exploding, businesses are challenged … Read more