Nintendo recap: Controversy following stock purchase and Zelda port rumors

Source: Nintendo Hello everyone and welcome to this week’s Nintendo recap. There was a mixture of happy and sad news within the last seven days starting with the delay of Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Collector’s Edition. Controversy sparked online after Saudi Arabia crown prince bought a large stake in Nintendo. In other news, Kirby 64 finally … Read more

The Essex Serpent roils with suspicion and secrets [Apple TV+ recap]

New Apple TV+ series The Essex Serpent is knee-deep in conspiracy and already suspicion. The English townspeople think Naomi Banks is some kind of witch, and they don’t think much better of interloper Cora Seaborne, either. This week’s episode, entitled “Falling,” goes to an unexpected and expected place — and both are as exciting to … Read more

Now and Then is the best kind of trashy TV [Apple TV+ recap]

Now and Thenthe new time-hopping Apple TV+ show about a group of friends who reminisce about youthful indiscretions as new mysteries present themselves, is a noirish riff on The Big Chill and Stephen King’s It. The bilingual series, which premieres Friday, showcases a great cast doing ruthless character work. And the creative team includes prolific … Read more

Nintendo gaming recap: Switch financial reports and tons of Pokémon news

Source: iMore Hello hello, and welcome to this week’s Nintendo gaming recap! The last few days have been bursting with Pokémon news as we learned that Pokémon HOME will be getting a long-anticipated update, a new Pokémon Unite fighter is coming next week, and Legends: Arceus has sold very well. In other news, Nintendo released … Read more

It’s science vs. religion in new folk horror series The Essex Serpent [Apple TV+ recap]

The Essex Serpent is Apple TV+’s first foray into folk horror and a welcome return to BBC-style costume dramas. Based on the book by Sarah Perry, and starring Claire Danes and Tom Hiddleston, this series holds a lot of promise in its deviously clever premise. Shepherded by writer Anna Symon (Dark Matters: Twisted But True, … Read more

Nintendo and iOS gaming recap: Breath of the Wild 2 spoiled and demoralizing workplace reports

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Xbox and PC recap: World of Warcraft expansions and a showcase announced

Source: Blizzard Entertainment Hello all, and welcome to the Xbox and PC recap for April 2022. This was a good month for gaming news across both platforms, with some really big reveals and particularly important updates on a few different projects, both from within Xbox itself and outside. We’ve got some big things to look … Read more

Nintendo recap: Game Boy emulator for Switch ‘leaks’ and alleged workers’ rights violations

Source: Rebecca Spear / iMore Hello and welcome to this week’s Nintendo recap. Lots of big news came out over the last seven days including a Game Boy emulator supposedly made for Nintendo Switch Online dropping annonymously on 4Chan, along with the list of games that has been tested on it. The excitment continues as … Read more

Microsoft Directions NA 2022 Recap: 6 Key Announcements for D365 Business Central Partners

Each year hundreds of Dynamics 365 Business Central partners come together for annual Directions conference where Microsoft and other technology experts provide important partner and product updates. In this blog, we recap six key announcements that will have a big impact on how partners engage with their customers to close on more business and streamline … Read more