Best phone gimbals 2022 | iMore

Source: DJI Best phone gimbals iMore 2022 Moving even a little while shooting video with your phone leads to shaky, unusable footage that no amount of optical image stabilization will correct. Whether you’re filming with a new iPhone 13 or an older model phone, you need a gimbal. As a photographer, I don’t get paid … Read more

Best phone grips for iPhone 2022

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Best UV phone sanitizer 2022

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Engineer Explains How He Added a Fully Functioning Lightning Port to a Samsung Phone

Following a number of enthusiasts successfully adding a USB-C port to the iPhone, engineer Ken Pillonel has explained how he added a fully functional Lightning port, including support for charging and data transfer, to a Samsung Galaxy A51. After posting a preview of the project earlier this month, Pillonel has now shown how he completed … Read more

Best camera phone 2022 | iMore

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