Does your organization need a “corporate metaverse strategy?”

By Martin Sawtell, XR director of the Experience Innovation Group at Dell Technologies and Matt Coppinger, director of product management, VMware The concept of the “metaverse,” at least as it is being hyped today, is divisive. Proponents dream of a fantastical new type of cyberspace—a synthetic, virtual world we can all participate in and connect … Read more

Secrets in AL-Go for GitHub

This blog post will not reveal any secrets in AL-Go for GitHub:-) Instead, it will explain ways for you to store secrets, which are used for AL-Go for GitHub. In almost every DevOps setup, you will have to store some keys, passwords, tokens or like. In GitHub, these are called secrets and AL-Go will look … Read more

Does your organization have the right business technology to thrive in the subscription economy? See how Dynamics 365 Finance can help you.

In the mobile first cloud first era, B2B and B2C businesses of all sizes are constantly introducing innovative subscription based products and service offerings and are finding new ways to generate recurring revenue to stay relevant in the business. The end goal is to get customers subscribed to their services, keep innovating at scale to … Read more