How Dynamics 365 Portal Benefits These 4 Industries (Legal, Real-estate, IT, and Non-profit)

In the process of constant evolution, businesses have found various ways to conquer their daily challenges, and technologies have been the hero in this process. With the right use of technology, businesses have multiple software solutions to manage their daily business operations. One such software solution is a portal. It is a tool that provides … Read more

The Advancement of Underrepresented Entrepreneurs, Promoted Through Microsoft’s Nonprofit Tech Acceleration Program for Black & African American Communities

“Genius is equally distributed. Opportunity is not.” This stateent is the core of the mission of Camelback Ventures. As an accelerator that identifies, develops, and promotes the advancement of underrepresented entrepreneurs, Camelback Ventures’ goal is to increase individual and community education as well as generational wealth. Ultimately, this organization’s goal is to contribute to “a … Read more

Connected Technology Can Advance the Mission of Your Non-Profit

Non-profits battle with obstacles like any other industry…obstacles like budgets, resources, and time. The difference is that a non-profit’s mission is to help others, so this can be devastating. While non-profit technology solutions can help, it’s often too expensive or complicated for most to consider. Luckily, connected technologies make advancing your non-profit easier than ever … Read more

Advancing the Mission of Your Non-Profit with Connected Technology

Non-profits must contend with the same restrictions on budgets, resources, and time just as any other industry. For non-profits, however, these obstacles interfere with their mission to help others, which can be devastating. Non-profit technology solutions can help, but frequently the expense or complexity make it impracticable. In response, Microsoft created its Technology for Social … Read more