Pixel 6a review: The tiny Pixel phone I’ve been hoping for

Image Credit: Sam Rutherford / Engadget Cameras Google has long excelled at photography, and the Pixel 6a is a continuation of that tradition. Its pair of 12-megapixel rear cameras and 8-MP front sensor took bright, colorful pictures that rivaled those from more expensive phones. Details like window panes and individual blades of grass were crisp, … Read more

X-Chair X-Tech Executive review: The most comfortable (and most expensive) office chair I’ve ever used

X-Chair has been around in some capacity since 1994, and for the last half it has been offering high-end decade ergonomic office chairs that compete with the likes of Herman Miller and Steelcase. Since starting a full-time office job in 2016, I’ve gone through numerous chairs in the hopes of finding the perfect fit for … Read more