Best iPhones for gaming 2022

Source: iMore Best iPhones for gaming iMore 2022 If you’re anything like me, mobile games aren’t just a way to pass the time. They let us challenge friends, play online, and enjoy titles you won’t find on other consoles — plus, with Apple Arcade, iOS users have a lot to choose from. That means you … Read more

Bloomberg Confirms Apple is Testing iPhones With USB-C Ports

Apple is indeed testing iPhones that are equipped with USB-C ports instead of Lightning ports, according to Bloomberg‘s Mark Gurman. Apple does not plan to make the switch from Lightning to USB-C until 2023 at the earliest, with this year’s iPhones continuing to offer a Lightning port. We first heard about a potential swap to … Read more

Everything You Need to Know About Apple’s Self Service Repair Program for iPhones

Apple in late April launched a Self Service Repair program for the iPhone, which is designed to allow Apple device owners to do their own repairs in their homes using Apple parts, repair manuals, and tools. In this guide, we walk through everything you need to know about the Self Repair program, including whether it’s … Read more