Home builds bigger in dispiriting second season [Apple TV+ review] ★★½

Apple TV+ documentary series Home returns Friday for a second season of wonky architecture and human interest stories. The streamer is banking on the beauty of accessibility as spectacle and drama to bring audiences back for more feel-good TV. The houses the series showcases look glorious, to be sure. But the stories are meant to … Read more

Hitting the Books: In Russia, home is where the hearth is

Despite Russia being the world’s third largest oil producer and exporter (at least until its invasion of Ukraine), its people have traditionally relied on the nation’s monumental expanses of loggable forests for their cooking fuel needs. Access to an essentially inexhaustible firewood supply has deeply influenced Russian culture, governing how food is prepared, which impacts … Read more

Pokémon HOME: How to transfer from Game Boy Advance to Pokémon HOME

Source: Jennifer Locke / iMore Transferring Pokémon from your Game Boy Advance (GBA) games to Pokémon HOME isn’t necessarily difficult. Still, it is a long and tedious process that requires a couple of different Nintendo DS systems to be on hand. Fear not, though, because it is possible, and you’ll have your favorite GBA Pokémon … Read more

Xbox DRM explained: Setting a home console, console sharing, licenses, and more

Source: Matt Brown | Windows Central Recently, an Xbox outage put the spotlight on the console’s DRM practices, also known as digital rights management. It refers to the mechanics that attach ownership and entitlement to a digital piece of content, whether it’s a movie, mp3, or in this case, video game. Microsoft has been criticized … Read more

Almond Cow provides a quick and (less) dirty way to make plant milk at home

As part of Cooking Week, we set out to test some of the most niche (and, in some cases, ridiculous) kitchen gadgets we could find. We wanted to know if these impressive-looking appliances actually do what they claim and if they’re worth the splurge. These are our findings. I’ve been drinking non-dairy milk almost exclusively … Read more

3D print me a home, please

By Poornima Apte Under ordinary circumstances, a three-bedroom, two-bath house hitting the market would not have landed headlines. But a Riverhead, New York, home made news in 2021 for one special reason: It was primarily constructed by a 3D printer. 3D printing involves digitally designing an object and creating build instructions on a digital file. … Read more

Best under-desk wire trays for your home office 2022

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