For All Mankind poses great questions, then refuses to answer them [Apple TV+ recap] ★★★☆☆

Apple TV+ alt-history hit For All Mankind makes all the right moves this week, then immediately blows a 26-point lead in the last inning. For once, the dramatic arcs thrown at Margo, Karen, Dev, Aleida and Kelly all seem pretty satisfying and not at all cheap or hyperbolic. Then the writers ensure we won’t see … Read more

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Review: DJI’s Mini 3 Pro is Tiny, Fun to Fly and Takes Great Videos

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Technology: The great enabler of a more equitable future?

By Sara Downey, thought leadership, Dell Technologies In theory, the advent of the internet and cloud-based systems have long meant that tech innovation is unbound by location—it can happen anywhere with a WiFi signal. Yet, for the past several decades, well-heeled tech companies have been almost synonymous with major urban hubs like San Francisco and … Read more