Nintendo Switch Sports review: Fresh, yet familiar, and with a downside

Source: iMore Televisions, vases, windows, and other breakable living room objects, beware – Nintendo Switch Sports is here! All joking aside, the Wii Sports-inspired party game is out on Switch and, for me it was a surprisingly entertaining game. When I first heard it was coming, I was fairly uninterested. It seemed like the novelty … Read more

Minecraft Dungeons Season 2 ‘Luminous Night’ is now available with tons of fresh content

Source: Mojang Studios | Twitter Minecraft Dungeons has moved away from full DLC expansions in favor of “Seasonal Adventures,” which periodically add brand-new content and features for players to explore and unlock. Mojang Studios has been working on Season 2 of Minecraft Dungeons, which includes new mobs to fight, new pets to adore, new quality-of-life … Read more