New Soundcore sport ANC earbuds: Good fit for fit people [Review] ★★★★☆

Ever have an earbud fall out of your sweaty ear at the gym? I lost a somewhat pricey product that way once. And if you lose one of them, you’re probably not going to use the other one, even if it’s designed for occasional solo use. The new Soundcore Sport X10 True-Wireless Earbuds, released Tuesday, … Read more

Game time: Schools see esports as natural fit for the digital age

By Brian Horsburgh, UK Education sales director and Danielle Rourke, senior higher education strategist, Dell Technologies Reading, writing, arithmetic…Rocket League, Fortnite and Smite. While a few years ago, a list like that would have drawn a blank stare from the average educational professional, that’s no longer the case today. vehicular soccer; arena-based combat; Basketball championships … Read more

Best Cheap Gaming Chairs in 2022: 5 Great Chairs That Will Fit Any Budget

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