Win at B2B e-commerce by preparing for these trends

B2B e-commerce continues to change. It’s becoming increasingly digital, self-serve, and global. And it’s growing; according to a report by Digital Commerce 360B2B e-commerce sales increased 17.8 percent in 2021, from $1.39 trillion in 2020 to $1.63 trillion in 2021. Early adopters of B2B e-commerce platforms were industry leaders. But these days, it’s not enough … Read more

Dynamics NAV Support Partner: 7 Point Checklist to Consider Before Choosing

In the journey of selecting the right Microsoft Dynamics NAV support Partner, businesses have to make many critical decisions that affect the overall growth. Such businesses also struggle in deciding on implementing new features, upgrading the system, integrating new functions, customization existing features, and more. Whether choosing the right Dynamics NAV support partner or upgrading … Read more

A Data Governance Glossary: ​​Terms & Definitions

As you start navigating on your path to data transformation and start with data governance, you will come across a variety of terms that can leave you overwhelmed. We understand that in this vast world of data management, data governance has a crucial part to play, and there are several subsets that make the whole. … Read more

Digital Transformation in the Rental Industry: What COOs Must Know!

70% of digital transformations fail, as per research by Boston Consulting Group. As the second in command, looking to digitally transform your rental business, you want to be among the 30% that have done it right. At To-Increase, we have worked with international companies with nearly two decades of experience in offering software solutions embedded … Read more

Cloud ERP ROI: What CFOs Should Consider

There’s a double-edged dilemma in play for CFOs these days. On the one hand they know that investing in new technology — like having a fully modern, cloud-based ERP in place — is critically important for their enterprise to grow and thrive. In fact, implementing an up-to-date ERP can be downright transformative, by centralizing information … Read more

ERP Implementation: The Benefits of a Simple Approach

Inefficient ERP implementation processes can result in higher costs, longer timelines, and lost opportunities. ERP implementations often involve complex steps like installing new software or transferring data from legacy systems which may take time-consuming resources away from other important tasks that need your attention. However, there’s one way you could make these transitions easier – … Read more

How Chemical Manufacturers Meet Supply and Inventory Challenges with Dynamics 365 and VicinityChem

Recently Chemical Processing interviewed Randy Smith, co-founder, and CEO of Vicinity Software which developed VicinityChem. VicinityChem is a comprehensive process-manufacturing ERP software solution designed for chemical manufacturers. They talked about meeting such challenges as keeping track of inventory, operations, delivering high-quality products, driving sustainable growth, and more. Here are some of the questions they covered: … Read more

Using Notifications for Error Handling in EDI Using EDI Studio

Using Electronic Data Interchange or EDI can streamline the process of document exchange significantly. However, if you are struggling with managing errors and are not getting notifications for your messages you will be unable to meet your goals. Messages exchanged via EDI could get stuck in the ERP software for several reasons and in this … Read more

The Foundations of a Successful ERP Implementation

Sometimes laying the right foundation is everything. That’s why when the time comes to choose and implement an ERP solution for your business, the difference between whether you realize its full benefits or not often comes down to a single crucial word: preparation. Done right, the transition to a modern, cloud-based ERP system can be … Read more

6 Signs You Need Business Central Inventory Management

The best businesses only have the right amount of inventory at the right time. Looking at Business Central inventory management features might be something you need to do in order to improve your business’ situation. Manufacturing and distribution companies must be careful with their inventory. They need it to make things or ship products to … Read more