Halo TV series Season 1, Episode 8 review: Penultimate tensions hit their peak

Source: Microsoft / Paramount+ In the eighth episode of the Halo TV series, the tension across the main cast finally stops building. Instead, we get an explosion as sides are chosen and passions inflamed. It’s not exactly where I thought the show was headed, but it works well enough, and I’m more invested than ever … Read more

Halo TV series Season 1, Episode 7 review: Pruning the plotlines

Source: Microsoft / Paramount+ As the first season of the Halo TV series begins to draw to a close, the show dedicates a whole episode to dealing with characters and plotlines across Insurrectionist-controlled Madrigal. Despite some wariness at an episode that doesn’t really feature the UNSC or Covenant, it ends up wrapping things up well, … Read more

Halo TV series Season 1, Episode 6 review: Secrets are revealed

Source: Microsoft / Paramount+ Six episodes in, the Halo TV series has gained a consistent stride and pattern, with this sixth episode bringing us the realistic fallout of last episode’s battle. Physical wounds are healed as the Spartans rest up, while other psychological wounds continue to fester and burrow, with the tension between Master Chief … Read more

Halo TV series Season 1, Episode 5 review: The action finally arrives

Source: Microsoft / Paramount+ The fifth episode of the Halo TV series takes almost everything we’ve loved about the series so far — diving into who the Spartans really are, mounting tension between Master Chief and his handles, excellent action sequences — and brings it all together into what is the strongest episode of the … Read more

Halo Season 1, Episode 4 review: Spartans, humanity, and one major namedrop

Source: Microsoft / Paramount+ The fourth episode of the Halo TV series returns to the slower, character-driven drama of the second episode, though things fare better this time around. We get updates on multiple plotlines, with Master Chief continuing to struggle with his identity, while another member of Silver Team gets some time in the … Read more