A network of women and non-binary unite to change the world entrepreneurs

By Robert DiGiacomo What happens when a “radically generous community” comes together to support the work of women and non-binary people? The “World’s To-Do List” gets done. That’s the premise of Coralus, an organization that pairs “Activators” (funders) with “Ventures” (start-ups) working on a wide range of new tech, products and services. Danielle Cadhit, director … Read more

The Advancement of Underrepresented Entrepreneurs, Promoted Through Microsoft’s Nonprofit Tech Acceleration Program for Black & African American Communities

“Genius is equally distributed. Opportunity is not.” This stateent is the core of the mission of Camelback Ventures. As an accelerator that identifies, develops, and promotes the advancement of underrepresented entrepreneurs, Camelback Ventures’ goal is to increase individual and community education as well as generational wealth. Ultimately, this organization’s goal is to contribute to “a … Read more