How Do I Ensure Data Quality During PLM-ERP Integration for D365 ERP?

Data is the backbone of the manufacturing industry. Any error in data impacts your entire business, resulting in purchase errors, defects in manufactured products, and dissatisfied customers. Maintaining data quality is undoubtedly crucial due to its impact on your business and the role it plays in ensuring smooth operations. The integration of your product lifecycle … Read more

The 8 Essential Features of Process and Batch Manufacturing Software

Manufacturing does not fit into one nice, neat little box. It’s a diverse industry. As such, although there are many manufacturing solutions on the market, by and large, they serve the needs of the discrete segment of the industry. Even with customizations and add-ons, much is left lacking to meet the needs of process and … Read more

Should I Build or Buy PLM-ERP Integration for My Manufacturing Business?

There are countless benefits of integrating your PLM and ERP systemssuch as cost savings, structured information, and high data quality. While you’ve realized the criticality of integrating the two systems, the pertinent question is, should you buy a standard solution from an independent software vendor (ISV) or build the integration solution on your own? With … Read more


The imbalance of supply and demand caused by Covid-19 is likely to continue as more businesses battle empty shelves, labor shortages… etc. However, developments like the increase in digital procurement and reshoring, which have heightened due to the recession, are ultimately going to benefit local and global markets. Businesses that want to overcome labor challenges … Read more