Everything announced in the June 2022 Nintendo Direct Mini Partner Showcase

Source: Nintendo (screenshot) What you need to know Nintendo Directs are digital presentations that showcase the company’s plans for hardware and software in the coming months. Yesterday, a Nintendo Direct Mini Partner Showcase was announced on its social media accounts. The presentation is planned to be 25 minutes long and feature games from third-party developers. … Read more

Nintendo recap: Rumored Not-E3 Direct date looks likely, Sonic Frontiers hands-on fails to impress

Source: Sega Welcome everyone, to this mid-June Nintendo recap. Everyone is getting anxious as we get further and further into the summer without hearing anything official regarding a Nintendo Direct. However, multiple people within the industry claim that the show will air at the end of the month. In other news, our own Carli Velocci … Read more

What to expect from Not-E3 2022 Nintendo Direct: Predictions, hopes, and rumors

Source: iMore Every other big gaming studio has had a presentation by this point as we’ve waded through what is usually E3 season, however, things have remained quiet on Nintendo’s front. Historically, the Japanese gaming company goes all out for their E3 Nintendo Direct, bringing us updates on projects in progress or announcing brand new … Read more

How direct air capture will combat climate change

By Michael Belfiore On a lava plain in Iceland, eight shipping-container-size boxes on concrete risers suck in air with batteries of fans set in their sides. Filters inside the machines collect carbon dioxide until they’re full, at which point, the fans shut down. The interiors of the machines then heat up, releasing the CO2. The … Read more