Why APJ’s digital divide could halt recovery

Technology advancement is a key measure of economic growth. It can kick start swing. Its injection is necessary now—to recover from a tough couple of years. In the wake of the pandemic, it’s becoming clear that parts of Asia Pacific & Japan (APJ) have demonstrated tremendous resilience. High performers are rebounding quickly. However, the outlook … Read more

Best digital photo frames 2022

Best digital photo frames iMore 2022 We’re lucky enough to have some of the best digital cameras ever made at our disposal these days. Wouldn’t it be nice to display those fancy photos or help the grandparents see fresh images without paying for printing and shipping? You can do just that with digital photo frames. … Read more

How to build digital resilience in a do-from-anywhere world

by Sara Alvarez Kleinsmith, thought leadership, Dell Technologies Nature demonstrates by example that, at times, under great stress and pressure, outcomes can exceed expectations. After surfacing from the earth’s core through volcanic eruption, diamonds rise from duress to shine, serving as an inspiring allegory of the determination of the human spirit in times of trial. … Read more

Game time: Schools see esports as natural fit for the digital age

By Brian Horsburgh, UK Education sales director and Danielle Rourke, senior higher education strategist, Dell Technologies Reading, writing, arithmetic…Rocket League, Fortnite and Smite. While a few years ago, a list like that would have drawn a blank stare from the average educational professional, that’s no longer the case today. vehicular soccer; arena-based combat; Basketball championships … Read more

Tackling the digital future of travel with Microsoft and WTTC

Welcoming travelers back while still absorbing the shockwaves of COVID-19 has spurred a digital evolution for the travel and tourism industry. A rapid move to the cloud offers new ways of reaching customers and introduces new risks. Travel and tourism organizations hold sensitive customer information, in addition to proprietary business data. People are eager to … Read more

Microsoft fuels digital transformation of supply chains for a resilient and sustainable future

We are excited to share two new investments in Microsoft Dynamics 365 supply chain portfolio that we are launching in preview. We had announced a partnership between FedEx and Microsoft, in January of 2022, to launch a cross-platform, logistics-as-a-service solution for brands. This partnership is now in preview. As e-commerce is exploding, businesses are challenged … Read more

Securing Digital Transformation with PowerEdge and VMware

With the growth in the amount, and explosive value, of data fueling today’s global environment, the need for businesses to readily adapt is critical for survival. IT managers are under enormous pressure to deliver applications and services that not only innovate and transform the business, but also keep up with the ongoing security threats to … Read more

Realistic Paint Studio review: Digital art gets traditional

Source: Cole Martin / Windows Central For traditionally trained artists, moving to a digital workspace can prove to be intimidating. There is an abundance of digital art software, but these are often designed with the intent to improve an experienced digital artist’s workflow. Realistic Paint Studio, however, has sought to scale back the technical aspect … Read more

Muse S (Gen 2) review: A digital sleeping pill and meditation guide

Source: Nicolette Roux / iMore Muse S (Gen1) helped me develop a seated meditation practice and up my sleeping game last year. When I heard Muse S (Gen 2) had launched and introduced digital sleeping pills, I was curious and eager to try it out. This brain sensing headband not only balances the heart, body, … Read more