FlexiSpot Q8 review: A flagship standing desk with wireless charging built-in

FlexiSpot’s newest flagship standing desk is here in the form of the Q8, a big and beautiful electronic standing desk with built-in wired and wireless charging capabilities. It also has an included embedded drawer and cable management rack that is installed on the underside of the desk. I’ve reviewed countless FlexiSpot desks at this point, … Read more

Editor’s Desk: a WWDC 2022 finale, as stage gets set for fall

This year’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) has ended, and the event offered something for everyone — on both the software and hardware side. Perhaps better still, it has set the table for what’s likely to be an incredible fall, which could be the launching point for maybe a record number of new devices. So here’s … Read more

Secretlab MAGNUS review: The desk every gamer deserves

Source: Stephen Warwick / iMore After six months of intense use, the Secretlab MAGNUS desk remains every bit the incredible piece of hardware engineering I suspected it was in my intial review. It’s build quality remains unrivalled, and the functionality of this desk have served me during every waking moment that I’ve used it. The … Read more