Correction or cancellation of product receipt/Packing slip in D365 F&O

Hello readers, Thank you for an amazing responses to my previous posts. Hope those are helpful for you. Topic for this post is correction or cancellation of either sales order packing slip or purchase order product receipt. This functionality has been introduced in AX 2012 and earlier versions of AX does not have this facility. … Read more

How to Use a .NET Project Within a D365FO Solution

I wanted to write today about why I utilize .NET projects for certain scenarios when developing X++ solutions for D365FO. How Is This Possible? How is it possible that you can have two different project types under one solution? I actually wrote about the changes that were happening to the X++ compiler way back in … Read more

[Part-1] Royalty claim management in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations: – Setup

Hello Readers, this post is about royalty management in Dynamics 365 F&O. Below are a few set of questions that pops up in mind when we say ‘Royalty’: – What is royalty? – Why one should pay the royalty? – On what products and services, one should pay the royalty? – Which parties are involved … Read more

ISO20022 Payment in D365FO for Norway – Part 3 (Company setup)

In this post there will be step by step setup requiring to enable a company to apply ISO20022 payment. Once you have imported ISO20022 from Microsoft repositories ISO20022 Payment in D365FO for Norway – Part 2 (Config) – DynFOTech, you need to activate provided configuration for each company in order to generate or import ISO20022 … Read more

Data lake Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations

D365FO Data lake with Azure Data Factory If you are planning to implement the Azure data lake feature in D365FO, and do not want to use the azure synapse for any reason, then this post will give you a quick start in implementing the solution. The solution does have the capabilities to make full and … Read more

Segregation of Duties in D365FO

I’ve referred to the Segregation of Duties (SOD) feature in Dynamics 365 for Finance & Operations before but haven’t really gotten into the specifics of the feature itself, what it allows you to do and the shortcomings/gaps. What is Segregation of Duties? The idea of ​​Segregation of Duties (aka Separation of Duties) is that a … Read more