[Part-1] Royalty claim management in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations: – Setup

Hello Readers, this post is about royalty management in Dynamics 365 F&O. Below are a few set of questions that pops up in mind when we say ‘Royalty’: – What is royalty? – Why one should pay the royalty? – On what products and services, one should pay the royalty? – Which parties are involved … Read more

How Do I Ensure Data Quality During PLM-ERP Integration for D365 ERP?

Data is the backbone of the manufacturing industry. Any error in data impacts your entire business, resulting in purchase errors, defects in manufactured products, and dissatisfied customers. Maintaining data quality is undoubtedly crucial due to its impact on your business and the role it plays in ensuring smooth operations. The integration of your product lifecycle … Read more

Microsoft Directions NA 2022 Recap: 6 Key Announcements for D365 Business Central Partners

Each year hundreds of Dynamics 365 Business Central partners come together for annual Directions conference where Microsoft and other technology experts provide important partner and product updates. In this blog, we recap six key announcements that will have a big impact on how partners engage with their customers to close on more business and streamline … Read more