CRM: It’s Not About the Product, It’s About the Process.

Here is why your CRM system isn’t working for your business as you thought it would. We’ve seen it a few times. Okay… we’ve actually seen it a LOT of times. Companies, both small and large, stretch their budgets to invest in a CRM system for their business. They research heavily and select a CRM … Read more

Let’s Talk About Funnels – Microsoft Dynamics CRM Community

In my 20-plus years in this CRM business, I have seen my share of “Funnels”. Lead Funnels, Sales Funnels, Delivery Funnels, every kind of business-related funnel you can think of, I have probably seen it. From what I have to witness, most businesses have no idea how to use them effectively. So, let’s talk about … Read more

Mind Maps, Kanban Board – Be a Pro with smart visualization tools in Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM

Ever wondered why we understand charts and graphs better than written texts? It is just because our brains are programmed to process visuals rather than written text or numbers. And this can be easily proven with the following facts and figures: 90% of the information transmitted to the brain is visual 13 milliseconds is the … Read more

Overcoming The Most Common Field Sales Challenges by Integrating Maps within Dynamics 365 CRM

“I would like to dedicate this hard-earned award to my family, my colleagues, my considerate clients, and the amazing features of Maplytics! Yes, winning the award for the Best Salesperson of the Year would not have been possible if Maplytics would not have made my on-field life easier by providing easy solutions to my everyday … Read more

Michigan entrepreneur uses Daylite CRM to power family business

As a third-generation entrepreneur and mom to three kids, Michigan Realtor Breanne Martin Gaudard instinctively knows that to thrive, businesses have to be able to scale. With the experience she gained from watching her mother do the bookkeeping, she took on technology management priorities that include Daylite, an Apple-focused Customer Relationship Management (CRM) app that … Read more

How a Washington lawyer helps vets with Mac-based Daylite CRM

Michael DJ Eisenberg is a Washington, DC, lawyer who frequently deals with the dreaded federal bureaucracy, which has never been quick or easy to deal with. Sometimes cases can take a decade or more, and he wouldn’t be able to manage it without the help of Daylite, a comprehensive, Mac-based customer relationship management app. “Specifically, … Read more