How to access iPhone content when someone passes away

Source: Joseph Keller/iMore Something is always left behind when a loved one passes away. As our devices become intertwined with our lives, they’re also becoming something to think about when someone dies. Our iPhones contain our digital legacy — years of photos, contacts, message threads, and phone calls — and it makes sense that if … Read more

Nintendo Switch Sports locks tons of content behind an online subscription

Source: iMore Nintendo Switch Sports is here and, while it doesn’t revitalize the entire Sports series on Nintendo consoles, it does bring back the same feeling that its predecessors did. With the new game comes new content, including sports like volleyball and soccer. A huge addition is Sportsmates, a new sort of avatar, and the … Read more

Minecraft Dungeons Season 2 ‘Luminous Night’ is now available with tons of fresh content

Source: Mojang Studios | Twitter Minecraft Dungeons has moved away from full DLC expansions in favor of “Seasonal Adventures,” which periodically add brand-new content and features for players to explore and unlock. Mojang Studios has been working on Season 2 of Minecraft Dungeons, which includes new mobs to fight, new pets to adore, new quality-of-life … Read more