Mass deploying Commerce Sealed Installers

Here I will go through basics of leveraging Microsoft Intune to deploy Commerce Sealed Installers in a mass fashion and will not go through details of enrolling into Intune since it is well covered by the Intune’s documentation. Given all Sealed Installers are .NET based Console Applications, all of them will be Intune by relying … Read more

Is Your Supply Chain Prepared to Accommodate a Growth in Digital Commerce?

In today’s highly digital era, just selling products online is not enough to drive sales or profitability. Given the volatility of the business environment, many organizations are now emracing a customer-centric mindset and investing in the right people, technology, and processes to take retail to a whole new level. Streaming content management strategies, enhancing data … Read more

Delivering a seamless commerce experience: Unlocking omnichannel retailing with intelligent order management

The momentum of e-commerce continues. In fact, McKinsey & Company has stated that e-commerce shopping has 30 percent higher penetration than pre-COVID-19 pandemic, and that this pandemic has alsod e-commerce growth by five years.1 The COVID-19 pandemic certainly explains part of the growth in the demand, but it is not the whole story. Other factors … Read more