Digital Transformation in the Rental Industry: What COOs Must Know!

70% of digital transformations fail, as per research by Boston Consulting Group. As the second in command, looking to digitally transform your rental business, you want to be among the 30% that have done it right. At To-Increase, we have worked with international companies with nearly two decades of experience in offering software solutions embedded … Read more

5 Benefits of Serialized Inventory Tracking for High-tech and Medical Companies

In today’s world, millions of products from high-tech and medical companies rely on the usage of chips or semiconductors. However, the increased dependency on chips for each product has resulted in a chip shortage as the demand surpasses the supply. This has translated into a unique challenge for all companies utilizing chips – especially businesses … Read more

It’s Good to Know What Happened, But It Is Better To Know What Will

Data can essentially be the fuel that propels company efficiency, whether you are in the retail, food and beverage, or manufacturing business. Smart, and creative use of data improves your financial and supply chain processes, and drives operational excellence. You can create excellent customer experience, loyalty and lifetime value – if you integrate your data-driven … Read more

Put Value First and the Rest Will Follow

Dive into strategy planning and change management at the onset of your cloud ERP project. That is the best way to avoid additional cost, effort, and business interruption. And the trick is to define value with a people mindset. Cloud ERP brings clarity, insight, simplicity, and consistency to how your organization works. So, why do … Read more