Corsair TC200 gaming chair review: Ticking all the right boxes

Corsair makes a lot of products, and while its main revenue drivers are memory kits, cases, and gaming accessories like keyboards and mice, it has ventured into a lot of new categories over the last five years. One of those categories is gaming chairs; Corsair introduced its first gaming chair back in 2017, and while … Read more

Razer Enki Pro review: Supreme gaming chair comfort at a hefty price

Quality gaming chairs can get expensive, but it’s not every day you see one hitting the $1,000 mark. That’s just what Razer has done with the Razer Enki Pro, a souped-up gaming chair that joins the much more modestly priced Enki and Enki X in Razer’s lineup. But while it justifies that price tag with … Read more

X-Chair X-Tech Executive review: The most comfortable (and most expensive) office chair I’ve ever used

X-Chair has been around in some capacity since 1994, and for the last half it has been offering high-end decade ergonomic office chairs that compete with the likes of Herman Miller and Steelcase. Since starting a full-time office job in 2016, I’ve gone through numerous chairs in the hopes of finding the perfect fit for … Read more

FlexiSpot BS10 office chair review: Ergonomic and customizable comfort

Source: Windows Central FlexiSpot is known for their high-quality office desks, chairs, and accessories. I’ve been a loyal FlexiSpot user for well over a year at this point, having reviewed several desks and a handful of chairs from the company. I’m always impressed with what they have to offer, so when FlexiSpot offered their new … Read more