Best iPhone 12 cases 2022

The official choice: Apple Silicone Case with MagSafe Staff Favorite Apple’s cases for the iPhone 12 lineup come with MagSafe support, meaning they not only support the new magnetic accessories for the iPhone 12, like the wallet attachment and MagSafe charger, but they also just slide and snap onto your iPhone. How convenient! The clear … Read more

Best iPhone SE (2022) cases 2022

Best iPhone SE (2022) cases iMore 2022 The newest entry-level iPhone is here, and you’ll want to keep it protected with a great case. Fortunately, it’s exactly the same size as its predecessor (the second-generation iPhone SE from 2020) as well as the iPhone 8 and iPhone 7, so the cases are all interchangeable. That … Read more

Best iPhone SE (2020) thin cases 2022

Source: Totallee Best iPhone SE (2020) thin cases iMore 2022 Many of us prefer thin cases because they feel more comfortable in hand and fit more easily into small pockets and bags. But it’s a trade-off: the thinner the case, the less protection it can offer. However, thin case aficionados find it worth the risk … Read more

Best iPhone 12 Pro cases 2022

Best iPhone 12 Pro cases iMore 2022 Do you have an iPhone 12 Pro? It may be the previous generation of iPhone, but it’s still a very good device with the fast A14 Bionic chip, triple camera lens system, LiDAR scanner, ProRAW support, and more. Apple did add Ceramic Shield on the iPhone 12 Pro … Read more

PowerA Protective Nintendo Switch Cases review: Everything you need with a beautiful design

Source: Rebecca Spear / iMore I rarely ever leave my house without bringing my Nintendo Switch OLED along with me and I always want it to be in a protective case. However, I learned the hard way that the Switch OLED is slightly larger than the original Switch, and so cases made for the original … Read more