Pokémon HOME: How to transfer from Game Boy Advance to Pokémon HOME

Source: Jennifer Locke / iMore Transferring Pokémon from your Game Boy Advance (GBA) games to Pokémon HOME isn’t necessarily difficult. Still, it is a long and tedious process that requires a couple of different Nintendo DS systems to be on hand. Fear not, though, because it is possible, and you’ll have your favorite GBA Pokémon … Read more

Nintendo recap: Game Boy emulator for Switch ‘leaks’ and alleged workers’ rights violations

Source: Rebecca Spear / iMore Hello and welcome to this week’s Nintendo recap. Lots of big news came out over the last seven days including a Game Boy emulator supposedly made for Nintendo Switch Online dropping annonymously on 4Chan, along with the list of games that has been tested on it. The excitment continues as … Read more