Catalyst Black for iOS review: Satisfying progression and smooth team gameplay

Source: Renee Ritchie / iMore When it comes to a game’s aesthetic, I’m usually pulled in if there are fantasy or sci-fi elements and luckily for me Catalyst Black supplies both. This online multiplayer centers around teammates wielding guns to take down large beasts and opponents in various modes. Players can also temporarily transform into … Read more

The Advancement of Underrepresented Entrepreneurs, Promoted Through Microsoft’s Nonprofit Tech Acceleration Program for Black & African American Communities

“Genius is equally distributed. Opportunity is not.” This stateent is the core of the mission of Camelback Ventures. As an accelerator that identifies, develops, and promotes the advancement of underrepresented entrepreneurs, Camelback Ventures’ goal is to increase individual and community education as well as generational wealth. Ultimately, this organization’s goal is to contribute to “a … Read more

Catalyst Black for iOS: An engaging team experience with varied preview modes and loadouts

Source: Super Evil Megacorp Mobile gaming gets better and better every year. Just look back even five years ago and you’ll see that a massive shift has taken place in the mobile space, with more studios bringing larger, more high-quality experiences. There are more control options, gameplay has become more elaborate, and phones have become … Read more