Black Bird will break your heart with its riveting conclusion [Apple TV+ recap] ★★★★½

Apple TV+ murder mystery Black Bird draws to a pulse-pounding close as jailhouse informer Jimmy Keene’s last-ditch efforts to stay alive are being threatened at every turn. Serial killer Larry Hall is inches from confessing, Jimmy’s about to get shanked — and nobody’s coming to help either of them. Plus, Jimmy’s dad Big Jim is … Read more

Ray Liotta delivers the goods in this week’s gripping episode of Black Bird [Apple TV+ recap] ★★★½

Apple TV+’s newest limited series Black Bird hits its stride in a strong third installment. Prison guards and hound undercover informer Jimmy Keene as he tries to get close to suspected serial killer Larry Hall. McCauley and Miller search for harder evidence as time slips away from them. And outside prison walls, Big Jim is … Read more

Black Bird turns a stool pigeon into a hero [Apple TV+ recap] ★★★½

black bird, The new Apple TV+ series about an inmate task with cozying up to a suspected serial killer, begins as a blustery and entirely too familiar tale of bad men doing bad things, without much to distract from the cliches. However, armed with an impressive cast and crew — and one of the last … Read more

How weather radar is helping researchers forecast bird migratory patterns

By Betsy Verecky Humans aren’t the only snowbirds who flock to Florida each year for sunshine. Every fall, millions of birds in North America migrate south in search of warmer weather, defying strong winds and predators, guided by the stars and the Earth’s magnetic field. Photo by Barth Bailey/Unsplash “As we sleep, there are billions … Read more