Taking DevOps Productivity to New Heights with AIOps Automation

AIOps applications are a hot topic, and their ability to integrate with other tools in the IT management ecosystem has big implications about how to step-up daily IT operations productivity. As Stephen Elliott from the IDC analyst group explains in the video below, AIOps is a new class of application that applies knowledge, based on … Read more

The Right Tool to Support Your Migration to The Cloud

Cloud migration is a daunting prospect, especially considering the expense of installation, training, and embedded new processes. But the benefits of enhanced functionality, the power of the cloud, and increased ROI are reasons enough for organizations across the world to convert every day. Cloud enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is ideal for a variety of … Read more

Payment Processing in Business Central: 3 Wins of Integrated Payments

Small and mid-sized businesses can count on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central to house all their business operations—from sales and services to finance and operations. But, when it comes to managing the order-to-cash cycle, there’s one step that lives outside of the Business Central platform: payment processing. Without a way to integrate payment processing with … Read more

Saving lives on the road and on the factory floor with intelligent automation

By Jillian Kaplan, Telecom and 5G Thought Leadership, Dell Technologies Early on the morning of August 10th, 2016, I made the seemingly small choice to walk my dog ​​along my regular route. On any other day, I would have been home in 30 minutes’ time, but that day I didn’t make it back. I was … Read more