PL-500: Microsoft Power Automate RPA Developer

RPA (or Robotic Process Automation) is a capability that Microsoft has been developing for a while within the Power Platform space. Whilst cloud flows can be used to interact with any systems that has an API in place, many organizations have (legacy) systems that have no API, so interacting with them can be challenging. RPA … Read more

How to Automate Bank Reconciliation for Your Business

In terms of your organization’s financial processes, bank reconciliation is surely top of mind. Reconciliation is a necessity to ensure your records are in order, but this process can be an arduous task for your financial teams. Luckily, with more efficient and powerful solutions in place, your approach can become seamless. Read on to learn … Read more

How Greenshades Can Help You Simplify & Automate Complicated Payroll Taxes

Complex, numerous, and ever-changing — payroll tax policies are already hard enough. A new level of difficulty is added when payroll is forced to handle complicated payroll teams taxes across multiple states and jurisdictions. We understand the challenges payroll teams face. And we are here to help you through them. At Greenshades, we’ve dedicated our … Read more