Best password manager apps for Mac 2022

Source: AgileBits Inc. These days, we have an account for everything online and then some. With so many bank accounts, bills, subscription services, social media logins, work-related accounts, and more, it’s essential to have a solid and secure password. And not only that, but having a uniquely strong and secure password for everything. We can’t … Read more

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central “Offering Apps”

Don’t worry – you didn’t miss any information regarding Microsoft coming out with a new type of apps . This is merely a post where I’ll explain a solution that I had to go through, and some thoughts that might be interesting for you as well ;-). Previous post, I explained about a “booboo” that … Read more

Best e-reader apps for iPad 2022

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Best Reddit apps for iOS 2022

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Apple Gives Developers More Time to Update ‘Outdated’ Apps Before Removal

Late last week, controversy erupted after Apple began notifying some developers that their apps that had not been updated in some time would be removed from the App Store as part of an “‌App Store‌ Improvements” project to clean up “outdated” apps. Many of the affected developers objected to Apple’s policy, noting that their apps … Read more

Useful Mac Apps Worth Checking Out – April 2022

Mac apps often don’t receive as much attention as apps designed for iPhones and iPads, so we have a regular video series that is designed to highlight some of the useful Mac apps that we’ve come across over the past few months. Our April picks feature apps for quickly accessing websites, adjusting external display settings … Read more

Apple Seemingly Removing ‘Outdated’ Apps From the App Store

Apple appears to be removing a large number of apps from the App Store that have not been updated for “a significant amount of time” (via The Verge). According to an “App Improvement Notice” email sent to affected developers, Apple is removing apps that have “not been updated in a significant amount of time” unless … Read more