Sea of ​​Thieves, Season 7 reinvigorates the loop for longtime players

When Xbox revealed Sea of ​​Thieves at E3 2015, I was immediately captivated by the possibilities of this pirate sandbox. The stunning art direction and constructed scope of the project promised an online sandbox unlike anything players had experienced before. As someone fond of social-driven multiplayer games, I couldn’t wait to dip my toes in the virtual sand and embark on my own grand buccaneering adventure.

While my anticipation and expectations for Rare’s nautical outing were quite lofty, nothing could have prepared me for how much time I would sink into Sea of ​​Thieves. Following its release in March 2018, I poured hundreds of hours into this open-world action game. The core progression loop and gameplay systems were refreshingly unique, and in many respects, Rare managed to deliver the ultimate pirate fantasy. My dedicated crew of scoundrels and I plundered, looted, and battled our way to “Year-One” Pirate Legend status.

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