Saints Row preview: Big, dumb, and loads of fun

Saints Row is a series synonymous with over-the-top chaos, crude humor, and brilliantly absurd sandbox gameplay, even if some initial criticisms labeled the franchise as a mere Grand Theft Auto clone. This open-world action franchise feverishly battled to establish its unique identity over subsequent games, with Saints Row: The Third generally considered the highlight of the tetralogy.

It’s been nearly a decade since the last Saints Row release, leaving a noticeable hole in the open-world genre that other outrageous games like Just Cause haven’t been able to fill. Following the flashy reveal for a Saints Row reboot last year, some fans were wary of its stylistic direction and a possible shift in tone. Despite these concerns, the team at Volition reassured players this franchise update would reinvent and reestablish the core tenets of the franchise.

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