Pokémon Go: Dialga Raid Guide

As the Season of Go presses on, Dialga is returning to Legendary raids. Fortunately, we here at iMore have everything you need to know to win this fight and add Dialga to your roster. And be sure to check out our Best Pokémon Go Accessories, so you can be fully equipped for your Pokémon Journey!

Who is Dialga in Pokémon Go?

Source: The Pokémon Company

The Legendary mascot of Pokémon Diamond, Dialga is a member of the Creaton Trio, alongside Palkia and Giratina. The three were simultaneously created by Arceus and each given a different dimension to control. Palkia controls space in the Spacial World, Dialga controls time in the Temporal World, and Giratina controls antimatter in the Distortion World. Although Giratina was banished to the Distortion World for its violent nature, Dialga and Palkia only remain peaceful until they see each other. Arceus had to create the Lake Trio, Azelf, Mesprit, and Uxie, to control and calm them should they battle.

In terms of Pokémon Go, Dialga has incredible stats, but it lacks the moves to make the most of those stats. It’s still worth having around, especially as it’s a Dragon type that doesn’t take increased damage from Dragon type moves, but until Niantic gives it better moves, it;s not what it could be.

Mega Evolution strategies for dialga in Pokémon Go?

Currently, there aren’t any great options for Mega Evolution when countering Dialga. It’s weaknesses, Fighting and Ground, just don’t have good Mega Evolutions in the game yet. However, if you’re going to bring a Mega Evolved Pokémon along, these are your best options:

Mega Lopunny

Pokemon 428 Lopunny Mega

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Mega Lopunny continues to stand as the only Fighting type Mega Pokémon so far. Eventually, much better Fighting type Megas will find their way into Pokémon Go, but for now, Mega Lopunny is it. As a Normal and Fighting type, Mega Lopunny has no resistances or weaknesses of note, and it cannot compete with the top counters for damage, but it will boost other Fighting types on the field. Low Kick and Focus Blast are the ideal movesset for this Raid.

Honorable mentions

While they will not perform as well, the following Mega Evolved Pokémon can also work for this raid:

What are the best counters for Dialga in Pokémon Go?

Dialga is a Steel and Dragon type capable of dealing Dragon, Steel, and Electric damage. Unlike most Dragon types, Dialga isn’t weak against Dragon type moves. Instead, its weaknesses include Fighting and Ground types.


Pokemon 448 Lucario

Source: The Pokémon Company

Originally encountered in the Sinnoh region of Gen IV, Lucario beats out every other counter, including Shadows and Megas. As a Steel and Fighting type, it resists Dialga’s Dragon and Steel type moves. Unfortunately, Lucario can only be obtained by evolution and its first stage, Riolu is very hard to come by, only hatching from 10KM Eggs, so many players don’t even have one, much less the Candy to power it up. Still, if you have Lucario, you’ll want Counter and Aura Sphere for the moveset.


Pokemon 534 Conkeldurr

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Gen V’s Conkeldurr comes in behind Lucario, but is still an excellent counter for Dialga. As a pure Fighting type, it brings no relevant resistances or weaknesses to the fight. Its first stage, Timburr has been featured in Raids and Eggs often and it benefits from Trade Evolution, so it’s fairly easy to evolve and power up. If you are bringing Conkeldurr to this Raid, you’ll want it to know Counter and Dynamic Punch.


Pokemon 530 Excadrill

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Gen V’s Excadrill is a great counter for Dialga. A Ground and Steel type, it resists all of Dialga’s potential moves, so it will last a long time. It’s also quite obtainable; not only have Excadrill been featured in Raids, but it’s first stage has been in a number of events, on top of being a relatively common spawn. If you are bringing Excadrill to this fight, you’ll want Mud-Slap and Drill Run for its moves.


Pokemon 383 Groudon

Source: The Pokémon Company

The mascot of Pokémon Ruby, Groudon performs well against Dialga. As a pure Ground type, it resists Dialga’s Electric type attack and has no weaknesses relevant to this battle. Groudon has also had several runs in Raids, been featured twice as a Research Breakthrough reward encounter, and was a Pokémon Go Battle League reward encounter, so most players have had a chance to catch several Groudon. Mud Shot and Earthquake are the moves you’ll want your Groudon to know going up against Dialga.


Pokemon 068 Machamp

Source: The Pokémon Company

Originally discovered in the Kanto region of Gen I, Machamp is another excellent choice for this Raid. Having been available since launch day, featured in a number of events, and even the star of a Community Day, there’s no good reason not to have at least one or two powered up Machamp at this point. It even benefits from Trade Evolution, leaving tons of Candy leftover for powering up. As a pure Fighting type, it doesn’t resist any of Dialga’s attacks, but it also has no relevant weaknesses either. Counter and Dynamic Punch are the moves you’ll want your Machamp to know.

Landorus (Therian)

Pokemon 645 Landorus Therian

Source: The Pokémon Company

A Legendary Pokémon with two forms, Landorus (Therian) is better equipped for this Raid, than its Incarnate form, but not by too much. Both are Ground and Flying type, giving them resistance to Electric type moves, but the Therian form has better stats. Unfortunately, the Therian form hasn’t had nearly as widespread availability as the Incarnate form, but as they both share the same Candy, it should still be pretty easy to power up. If you’re bringing Landorus to this Raid, you’ll want Mud Shot and Earthquake for his moves.


Pokemon 794 Buzzwole

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If you’re one of the lucky attendees of Pokémon Go Fest 2022 Seattle, you might have a Buzzwole ready for this fight. This Ultra Beast is a Bug and Fighting type, giving it no useful resistances for this fight, but no weaknesses Dialga can exploit either. Unfortunately, its debut is set for the same day Dialga runs again and only in a very limited, paid, real world event. Still, if you have one, Counter and Superpower are the ideal moves for Buzzwole in this raid.

Landorus (Incarnate form)

Pokemon Landorus Incarnate

Source: The Pokémon Company

The lesser of the two forms, Landorus (Incarnate) is still an excellent choice for this Raid. It resists Dialga’s Electric type attack and has no weaknesses relevant to this fight. It’s also been available far more often than the Therian form, so odds are you won’t have to invest much in powering yours up. Mud Shot and Earth Power are the best moves Landorus Incarnate form can know going up against Dialga.


Pokemon 297 Hariyama

Source: The Pokémon Company

Originally encountered in the Hoenn region of Gen III, Hariyama performs well against Dialga, though not as well as Conkeldurr or even Machamp. This pure Fighting type is readily available, with only two stages, both of which spawn frequently enough. Counter and Dynamic Punch are the moves you’ll want your Hariyama to know.


Pokemon 464 Rhyperior

Source: The Pokémon Company

Last but not least, the Sinnoh Stone evolution of Gen I’s Rhydon, Rhyperior is another great counter for Dialga, as long as Dialga doesn’t have Steel type moves. As a Ground and Rock type, Rhyperior takes super effective damage from Steel type moves, but resists Electric type moves. Thanks to a number of events, including a Community Day, Rhyperior is very obtainable too. If you’re bringing Rhyperior to this fight, you’ll want Mud-Slap for its fast move and Earthquake for its charged move.

Back ups?

Although most players will be able to make a team of the best counters, if you’re finding a gap in your team, there are plenty of back ups who work well in larger groups. Just make sure you’re dodging and any of the following could be a decent back up:

  • Breloom with Counter and Dynamic Punch
  • Garchomp with Mud Shot and Earth Power
  • Terrakion with Zen Headbutt and Sacred Sword
  • Bewear with Low Kick and Superpower
  • Regigigas with Hidden Power (Ground) and Focus Blast
  • Rhydon with Mud-Slap and Earthquake
  • Krookodile with Mud-Slap and Earthquake
  • Heracross with Counter and Close Combat
  • Toxicroak with Counter and Dynamic Punch
  • Blaziken with Counter and Focus Blast
  • Sirfetch’d with Counter and Close Combat
  • Pheromosa with Low Kick and Close Combat
  • Golurk with Mud-Slap and Earth Power
  • Donphan with Mud-Slap and Earthquake
  • Mamoswine with Mud-Slap and Bulldoze
  • Haxorus with Counter and Earthquake
  • Verizion with Quick Attack and Sacred Sword
  • Chestnaught with Low Kick and Superpower
  • Golem with Mud-Slap and Earthquake
  • Gallade with Low Kick and Close Combat

Shadow Pokémon?

The rebalance of Shadow Pokémon rescued from Team GO Rocket make them excellent glass cannons. Not only are their stats boosted, but during special events or with Elite TMs, it’s possible to change their moves. If you happen to have any of the following Pokémon with the right moveset, they will work very well in this Raid:

  • Shadow Machamp with Counter and Dynamic Punch
  • Shadow Hariyama with Counter and Dynamic Punch
  • Shadow Mamoswine with Mud-Slap and Bulldoze
  • Shadow Poliwrath with Rock Smash and Dynamic Punch
  • Shadow Swampert with Mud Shot and Earthquake
  • Shadow Mewtwo with Psycho Cut and Focus Blast
  • Shadow Alakazam with Counter and Focus Blast
  • Shadow Hippowdon with Fire Fang and Earth Power
  • Shadow Ho-Oh with Hidden Power (Ground) and Earthquake
  • Shadow Gallade with Low Kick and Close Combat

Note: Shadow Machamp and Shadow Hariyama are the only Shadow Pokémon that perform on par with the other best counters.

How many players does it take to beat Dialga in Pokémon Go?

With the best counters and moveset, three top level trainers can beat Dialga, but if you’re lower level or lacking the best counters, you may need as many as six.

Weather conditions that can impact this Raid include:

  • Snow will boost Dialga’s Steel type moves.
  • Wind will boost its Dragon type moves.
  • Rain will boost its Electric type move.
  • Cloudy/Overcast Weather will boost your Fighting type counters.
  • Sunny/Clear Weather will boost your Ground type counters.

Questions about taking on Dialga in Pokémon Go?

Do you have any questions about taking on the Legendary Pokémon Dialga in Pokémon Go? Got any tips for your fellow Trainers? Drop them in the comments below, and be sure to check out our Complete Pokédex, so you can be the very best like no one ever was!

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