Halo Infinite’s Forge mode might be its saving grace

It’s no secret that Microsoft and 343 Industries have struggled to keep players interested in Halo Infinite’s free-to-play live service multiplayer experience. The game didn’t release with much content for players to enjoy to begin with, and so far, post-launch updates have only brought minimal additions. As a result, many gamers have put Infinite down to play other titles. The game only has a few thousand concurrent players at any given time on PC based on Steam Charts data, and while it’s faring better on Xbox according to the official most played Xbox games list (opens in new tab)it’s still nowhere near where Microsoft likely wants its flagship first-party live service experience to be.

However, there is one upcoming feature in Halo Infinite that has the potential to be its saving grace: Forge mode, Halo’s beloved map editor and creation tool that players have been using to create custom gameplay experiences since Halo 3 in 2007. Everything we’ve seen of Halo Infinite’s Forge so far looks incredible, and as long as the mode releases in a polished state, I believe it will help turn the game around.

Fine, I’ll forge it myself.

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