Halo Infinite Forge beta: Release date, how to play, and what to expect

Since the first iteration of the mode was released with Halo 3 back in 2007, the Forge level editor has been a staple feature in the mainline Halo games. By giving players the power to make their own levels or edit existing ones using pieces of map geometry, decorations, and more, Forge allows fans to create unique custom experiences that they can enjoy with their friends in Custom Games multiplayer.

Forge was absent from Halo Infinite at launch, though 343 Industries confirmed that it would eventually release the mode at a later date. Ahead of Forge’s launch, the developers are hosting a Forge beta that will allow players to test and try out the mode. Here’s everything you need to know about Forge and its beta, including what it is and what to expect, when it’s expected to start, how you’ll be able to play it, and more.

What is the Halo Infinite Forge beta?

(Image credit: Halo Infinite Leaks & News on Twitter)

Halo Infinite’s Forge beta is an upcoming test of the game’s Forge level editor, which is expected to launch in full at a later date. Based on what we’ve seen from the numerous Forge leaks that spilled online following the launch of the recent Halo Infinite co-op beta, we know that Halo Infinite’s Forge will include all of the same options that were present in Halo 5: Guardians’ version of the mode. These capabilities include the ability to create new maps with thousands of geometric objects, terrain pieces, and decorations, add weapons, vehicles, and spawn points, place down visual and audio effect emitters, and tweak a map’s weather and skybox. You’ll also be able to customize objects with a wide variety of colors and textures (for example, making rectangular map geometry that looks like it’s made out of mahogany wood).

However, Halo Infinite’s Forge is also bringing several new options to the table. One such functionality is Object Scaling, which allows you to scale any object up or down in size. You can even scale them on individual axes, stretching them out in strange, but potentially useful ways.

(Image credit: @HaloNoticiasMX on Twitter)

Vehicle Welding and Weapon Combining are also being made official features in Infinite’s Forge (previously, they were glitches in Halo 5). The former allows you to permanently attach a vehicle to an object or another vehicle, “welding” them and giving you the ability to create custom rides. The latter allows you to give one weapon properties of another (think an Assault Rifle that shoots SPNKr rockets).

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