Destiny 2 Season 18 raid: Release date and how to prepare

It’s about that time of year when every Destiny 2 player starts meticulously scouring the internet for answers, this time ahead of Season 18. We don’t know what’s next, but we certainly know something is coming, this time with a raid in tow.

Details on the next raid for Destiny 2 are still unclear, but that doesn’t mean we are totally in the dark. We’ve compiled everything you need to know and do in preparation for Destiny 2’s next raid as a part of Season 18.

What is Season 18’s raid?

(Image credit: Bungie)

We don’t know what Season 18’s raid will look like as of now, though we do know it is a returning raid from the original Destiny. Just like the Vault of Glass, Season 18’s raid is classed as a Legend activity.

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