Learning KQL – Microsoft Dynamics CRM Community

FetchXML used to be the only language for querying Dynamics CRM Dataverse. When WebAPI endpoint was introduced, OData style querying also became an additional option. When SQL4CDS was released it provided a way to query Dataverse using T-SQL which is so familiar to a lot of people who came from OnPremise CRM days. SQL4CDS did … Read more

Mass deploying Commerce Sealed Installers

Here I will go through basics of leveraging Microsoft Intune to deploy Commerce Sealed Installers in a mass fashion and will not go through details of enrolling into Intune since it is well covered by the Intune’s documentation. Given all Sealed Installers are .NET based Console Applications, all of them will be Intune by relying … Read more

Simplify Application Integration Monitoring with Connectivity Monitor (UIPM)

A key trend in the market across industries is to move to the best-of-the-breed applications. So, organizations are investing in specific solutions to strengthen their business functions. As a result of this, the application landscape is growing by leaps and bounds and is becoming more complex. According to this report, organizations used 300 applications on … Read more

Win at B2B e-commerce by preparing for these trends

B2B e-commerce continues to change. It’s becoming increasingly digital, self-serve, and global. And it’s growing; according to a report by Digital Commerce 360B2B e-commerce sales increased 17.8 percent in 2021, from $1.39 trillion in 2020 to $1.63 trillion in 2021. Early adopters of B2B e-commerce platforms were industry leaders. But these days, it’s not enough … Read more

Omnichannel for Customer Service – Collection

Omnichannel for Customer Service Omnichannel for Customer Service provides omnichannel capabilities for Dynamics 365. Giving us web chat, SMS, voice and more directly within Dynamics 365. Other related functionality includes Unified Routing to intelligently allocate work items to agents and also the Customer Service Workspace which gives agents a multi-session UI. And not forgetting Power … Read more

Dynamics 365 Portal is a Boon for Healthcare Industry. Here’s How

Technology is a vital part of any industry’s evolution, and healthcare is no different. With the use of the right technologies like healthcare portals, it is inviting automation and enhancing customer experience. Health-care industry is becoming more customer-centric. Portals like Dynamics 365 are helping organizations provide care and support to their entire patient base with … Read more

Intel Core i9-12900HX review: Narrowing the gap between desktop and mobile performance

Intel revealed its initial 12th Gen mobile H-Series processors (CPU) in January at CES 2022, with U- and P-Series mobile chips coming about a month later. This was a few months after the launch of the 12th Gen Alder Lake desktop chips, which introduced the “Intel 7” process — previously known as Intel 10nm Enhanced … Read more

Dynamics NAV Support Partner: 7 Point Checklist to Consider Before Choosing

In the journey of selecting the right Microsoft Dynamics NAV support Partner, businesses have to make many critical decisions that affect the overall growth. Such businesses also struggle in deciding on implementing new features, upgrading the system, integrating new functions, customization existing features, and more. Whether choosing the right Dynamics NAV support partner or upgrading … Read more