Simplifying Power Grid Management for Electric Utilities

In response to a strong consumer demand, many electric utilities are in the process of modernizing their substation infrastructure to support the increasing demand for electricity from distributed energy resources (DER). They are also aiming to introduce more advanced automation and stronger security at the substation level. As renewable energy sources come online, power grids … Read more

Sharing the Spotlight with Dell PowerScale Customers

Our first in-person Dell Technologies World in three years was successful on so many levels. It marked the culmination of an excellent year for the PowerScale team and gave us the opportunity to thank the thousands of customers in attendance and many more who joined us virtually. In the unstructured data space (file and object … Read more

AI – Enabling 5G Superpowers?

This blog is co-authored by Mike Moore, Telecom Solutions Marketing Consultant, Dell Technologies. If there is one thing to recognize about 5G that, above all the hype, 5G has ignited Enterprise’s edge transformation plans. It looks the market with its speed records and shallow latency figures. But it was also able to convince critical business … Read more

How to build digital resilience in a do-from-anywhere world

by Sara Alvarez Kleinsmith, thought leadership, Dell Technologies Nature demonstrates by example that, at times, under great stress and pressure, outcomes can exceed expectations. After surfacing from the earth’s core through volcanic eruption, diamonds rise from duress to shine, serving as an inspiring allegory of the determination of the human spirit in times of trial. … Read more

Global Retailer Gets Flexibility for Less Investment

Retail is one of the most challenging and competitive markets for consumer non-durable goods. While most sales are generated in-store, appealing online experiences and fast deliveries mean retailers need to offer customers a multichannel experience that builds brand loyalty. Successfully competing in this environment involves a substantial amount of IT infrastructure that is integrated across … Read more

Predicting and Preventing Unhappy Customers Using AI

Behind the scenes, teams at Dell have spent the last two years building a powerful ecosystem of tools for management of consumer (CSG) tech support cases. In this ecosystem, agent workflows are supported by data science products, including a machine learning model which predicts the cases most likely to result in dissatisfied customers (DSATs). This … Read more

Rise of Data-Centric Computing with Computational Storage

Computational Storage is the next evolution in data-centric computing to improve data and compute locality and improve of scale. The focus is to federate data processing by bringing application-specific processing closer to data instead of moving data to the application. It benefits the overall data center environment by freeing up host CPU and memory for … Read more

Dell Servers Turn in Top Performances on Machine Learning Benchmarks

The official results for the MLPerf Inference v2.0 benchmark tests are in! In this round of testing, five different Dell PowerEdge servers ranked number one in their respective categories. That feat is particularly noteworthy because the Dell servers had to beat out a lot more competitors than in past rounds of testing. Compared to the … Read more

How a computer repair program hatched the whiz kids of Wilson County

In the lingo of his farming town, Grant Irons has reached peak growing season. Not long ago, the high school senior from Tennessee was, by his own description, self-conscious, shy and unsure about his future. He sometimes struggled to speak clearly to others and preferred being alone. Then Irons joined the Dell Student TechCrew, where … Read more

Breakthrough Champion: Connie Hebert, from the ER to AI

By Sara Downey, thought leadership, Dell Technologies Connie Hebert is a unique type of nurse. She’s tended to patients at their bedside, and now in her role as chief nursing officer (CNO) at Dell Technologies, she’s improving access to technology that betters their care. Her deep experience is helping IT developers understand the challenges that … Read more