Repurposing carbon emissions could power the circular economy

By Susan Kuchinskas In 2021, humans spewed 36.3 gigatons of carbon dioxide into the air from energy combustion and industrial processes alone. Carbon dioxide is responsible for almost two-thirds of global heating, and it also acidifies the ocean. But what if we viewed all that CO2 not as a dangerous pollutant but rather a valuable … Read more

How digital transformation took Gilbert, Arizona from “hay capital” to smart city

By Tony Bryson, Ph.D., chief information security officer of Gilbert, AZ, and Sean Hargrave, contributor Running a city is just like running a business: Understanding the changing needs of customers—or citizens, in the case of a city—is imperative for growth and function. As chief information security officer for the town of Gilbert, Arizona, I have … Read more

The rise of the wooden skyscraper

By Kathryn Nave Constructed in 1056, the nine-story Sakyamuni Pagoda of Fogong Temple rises 220 feet above the city of Shuozhou in Northern China. It has survived numerous violent earthquakes and for centuries has remained unchallenged as the tallest wooden building anywhere in the world. “Wood is one of our oldest building materials,” explains Andrea … Read more

How will 6G transform the world?

By Russ Banham With 5G networks rolling out across the world and fast becoming yesterday’s news, now is a good time to imagine the future of 6G wireless technology. The sixth-generation wireless standard won’t be ready for prime time until 2028 at the earliest, given the network deployment, expansion and security challenges related to the … Read more

Celebrating 25 Years of Precision Workstations Pushing the Boundaries

As we celebrate a quarter-century of Dell Precision innovations this year, we’ve unveiled some of the industry’s most powerful workstations. Since our first Precision workstation in 1997, Dell engineers have stepped up time and again, providing solutions for some of the most innovative minds in some of the most complex, ever-evolving professions. Driving many industry … Read more

3D-printed coral could help restore the Great Barrier Reef

By Betsy Verecky The Great Barrier Reef is one of the seven natural wonders of the world. But lately, it hasn’t looked that way. Every year, tourists flock to Australia to snorkel along the reef, marveling at its brilliant colors and the marine life that calls it home. However, in recent years, rising sea temperatures, … Read more

Breakthrough Champion: Sunita Nadhamuni on leveraging technology for global health

When Sunita Nadhamuni landed her first job after earning a master’s degree in electrical engineering and computer science from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Connecticut, she knew she wanted to give back. Her ample salary made her wonder what people back home in India could do with the money. After considering ways to give back, she … Read more

Why the Hybrid Workplace Needs a Hybrid IT Model

Hybrid work— people working seamlessly from both the office and a remote location— has been happening for years, but the COVID-19 pandemic accelerated the shift in ways few people anticipated. Ironically, while IT’s efforts to support these environments boosted business agility worker productivity, it also further complicated already complex IT portfolios. Here’s the issue: This … Read more

Crowdfunding platform gives donors visibility into climate crisis solutions

By Jackie Gutierrez-Jones “In my talks, I sometimes say, it’s like we’re funding the musicians on the Titanic,” chuckles Karl Burkart, deputy director of One Earth. “A lot of people don’t know how to be philanthropists in climate. And that’s one of the things we’re really trying to help with, because we need to scale … Read more

Introducing the Next Phase of Software-driven Storage

It’s been a heady two years for PowerStore. Since the platform launched in 2020, we’ve sustained an incredible pace of innovation, with matching sales success. Three feature-packed major releases, three product of the year awards, 12,000 successful deployments in 90+ countries, 50 million customer run hours and multiple exabytes of effective capacity installed. Within a … Read more