Best dorm desks for students 2022

Where there is a student there should be a desk. That could be for writing papers with a laptop on, gaming on when those papers should be being written, or being used as a makeshift dinner table when the other students in the kitchen are having a massive party the night before finals. When you’re a student, there’s one big thing that you have to think about – money. Alongside all the other concerns about what you want from a desk, such as size, extra shelving, or shape, the one consideration that will be common amongst all students will be a budget desk, and where to find it. Well, worry not – we’ve found the best budget desks for students, and told you exactly where you can find them.

If you’re looking for a desk, you’re probably looking for a chair as well – and we’ve got just the thing. Here are the best budget desk chairs and where to find them.

Best dorm desks for students

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