Best accessories for HomePod mini 2022

accessories for HomePod mini

Apple’s small but mighty HomePod mini brings convenient Siri controls, excellent sound, and more to your home. While cheaper than the original, the smaller HomePod is still a hefty investment. So, if you want to protect or expand your speaker’s capabilities, you need the best accessories for the HomePod mini. Whether you are looking for cases, stands, HomeKit accessories or a way to upgrade your home theater — these are the best accessories for HomePod mini.

Instant upgrade:
2021 Apple TV 4K (32GB)

Staff Pick

The HomePod mini offers incredible sound for its size, but what if you could use it for movies or shows? You can with the Apple TV 4K, which we reviewed and loved. Through AirPlay 2, you can beam your content’s sound wirelessly to one or more HomePod minis, and you can set it as your TV’s default speaker for even more things like apps and games.

Stanstar Outlet Wall Mount For Homepod Mini

Stanstar Outlet Wall Mount for Homepod Mini

Perfect for kitchens or bathrooms, the Stanstar Outlet Wall Mount allows you to get your speaker up and off the counters. This easy-to-install mount hangs from the HomePod mini’s power adapter plugged into a standard outlet — no tools required. In addition, built-in cable management gives the whole package a clean, mess-free look.

$10 at Amazon

Ywl Hard Case For Apple Homepod Mini

Hard Case for Apple HomePod Mini, Protective Hard Shell Travel Carrying Bag for Apple HomePod Mini

The compact HomePod mini is already easy to haul around, but the speaker’s mesh is susceptible to stains and damage if you are not careful. The YWL Hard Case gives you a place to store your HomePod mini and its power adapter while out and about, providing shock protection, water-proofing, and dust resistance with durable EVA construction.

$18 at Amazon

Mission Battery Base Homepod Mini White

Air play:
Mission Battery Base for HomePod Mini

Mission’s clever stand sports a rechargeable battery that allows the HomePod mini to work wire-free for up to nine hours. An internal cable management system keeps the power cable nice and tidy, and a secure grip holds your HomePod mini in place. Plus — thanks to the magic of AirPlay 2 — you can keep the tunes going even without a Wi-Fi connection.

$42 at Amazon

Spigen Homepod Mini Stand in black

Spigen Silicone Fit Designed for HomePod Mini Stand HomePod Mini Speaker Holder

While protecting your HomePod mini is critical, the furniture or surfaces that your speaker rests on is equally important. This silicone stand from Spigen provides a shock-absorbing layer that prevents vibrations, protecting surfaces like wood from rings and stains. The unique stand also allows you to position your HomePod mini so you can see if Siri is active from across the room.

$15 at Amazon

Anker Powerport Atom 3 Slim

Mini power:
iPhone 12 Charger, Anker 30W PIQ 3.0 & GaN Wall Charger

The only thing that isn’t mini with the HomePod mini is its eye-sore of a USB-C power adapter. Anker’s 30-watt PowerPower Atom III Slim gives your HomePod mini the juice it needs in a flat form, allowing you to fit your speaker’s plug into tight spaces like behind your couch.

  • $20 at Amazon

  • $20 at Walmart

Iblason Cosmo Series Table Holder Stand

Bedside companion:
i-Blason Cosmo Series Table Holder Stand

iBlason’s Cosmo stand combines a HomePod mini stand with an Apple Watch charging dock, creating a fantastic bedside companion. In addition, the Cosmo features a smooth silicone exterior and an indention for the HomePod mini that reduces slipping and scratches, and cable management allows you to store both power cords neatly.

$15 at Amazon

Delidigi Homepod Mini Wall Mount

Mini mount:
Delidigi HomePod Mini Wall Mount

Another accessory that helps get your HomePod mini up and out of the way, this mount for Delidgi allows you to attach your speaker to walls and other flat surfaces. Hidden cable management keeps your extra cord safely hidden underneath, and installation is quick and easy with the included screws and anchors.

$13 at Amazon

Nanoleaf Essentials A19 Bulb

Thready to go:
Nanoleaf Essentials A19 Smart Thread Bluetooth & WiFi RGBCW 16M+ Color Changing Dimmable LED Light Bulb

Nanoleaf’s Essentials A19 Light Bulb connects to your HomePod mini via the latest wireless connectivity standard, Thread, making it one of the best HomeKit light bulbs that you can buy today. With Thread, toggling power to Nanoleaf’s bulb, dimming its insane brightness levels, or switching between millions of fun colors through HomeKit takes effect instantly with incredible reliability, as we noted in our hands-on review.

Eve Energy Smart Plug

Monitoring and more:
Eve Energy – Smart Plug and Power Meter, works with HomeKit

The Eve Energy HomeKit smart plug, which we tested, makes almost anything in your home instantly smart — just plug and play. Like the Nanoleaf’s light bulb, the Eve Energy smart plug takes advantage of the Thread radio built into the HomePod mini. It also supports energy monitoring to keep tabs on how much your coffee maker or heater costs to keep running.

Get the most out of your smart speaker with the best accessories for HomePod mini

The best accessories for HomePod mini provide the essentials like protection and portability, but they can also extend the capabilities of Apple’s smart speaker. With an Apple TV 4K in your home, you can upgrade your home theater setup by using the HomePod mini as a speaker, or with HomeKit accessories, you can turn on your lights using just your voice.

If you want to reduce clutter in your home, the Stanstar Outlet Wall Mount for Homepod Mini can help. This handy outlet mount gets your HomePod mini and power cord off your kitchen counter with a frame that hangs from the HomePod’s USB brick.

Are you looking to jump into the wonderful world of HomeKit now that you have a HomePod mini? Then the Nanoleaf Essentials A19 Light Bulb is the best place to start. Nanoleaf’s bulb connects to the HomePod mini via Thread which offered rock-solid reliability and lightning-fast response times when we went hands-on with it in our review.

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